Thursday, March 22, 2007

The next generation.

Before you ask, no this will not have anything to do with Star Trek. At all.

This is about the next generation of law enforcement. Crime rates pretty much across the board are rising, and law enforcement professionals can't seem to contain it all. Is it their fault? No, the police and security try their best but get trapped under bureaucracy and miles of red tape.

What we need is individuals to "assist" the police. Yes, I mean costumed vigilantes. By empowering the regular people we can show those that would prey on the innocent that we aren't afraid. We could usher in a new era.

Now, I'm sure people are saying, "Well, who will watch the vigilantes," Well, despite the fact that any person working under this act that goes too far will in fact become what they fight, and thus, subject to the same penalties under the law, one can assume that within but a few months the entire body would become self regulating, and a certain level of respect for those at this profession longer then those new to it.

This is a step. Not a solution, problems that arise from this initiative will be small. After all, we are only people. With the advent of super-powers and technology that can fake those powers years off (yeah, yeah I'm working on it) there is little chance of major collateral damage from this. Perhaps some form of licensing system, or a system where those responsible for collateral damage are held accountable.

The new symbol of justice is the mask, not the badge.


Tizzle said...

I woulda liked a Star Trek post better.

number said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.