Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Frank Castle. The New America?

What you see here, is the variant cover to Punisher: War Journal #7 due out in a couple months. Upon Steve Rogers' surrender in Civil War 7, Castle picked up the mask, and later Castle saw the Captain's assassination on the TV's in Times Square after being lured out by Bushwhacker and G.W Bridge. (worst name ever btw.), what this has led people to believe and this cover doesn't hurt, is that Frank Castle, is the new Captain America.

What better way could Marvel state their feelings on the changes in America. No longer do they play defense with a shield but rather stay on the offense with a gun. Yeah it may possibly be the single worst costume ever (with the possible exception of Yellow and Red Daredevil, a costume only a blind man could love), but Frank's never been one for style.

Recent events have depicted that Castle has a sincere respect for Rogers, and that his campaign for justice has stepped up a notch. Frank's take on classic Cap enemies will be swift and brutal. Red Skull? shot in the face. Dr. Faustus, stabbed. Crossbones, shot in the crotch with a rocket launcher, seriously, wouldn't be the first time.

RIP Stiltman, You will be missed.
Except by Frank, who shot your nuts with a m72 LAW

Frank doesn't have those same moral scruples that Rogers had. Also as an example, he stabbed an old man. in the back. with an awl. Seriously, right the hell through a seat cushion.

Frank will bring a new speediness to superheroism. No trials, no evidence, just a shot that's luckier then the rest. Just like America.

RIP all those people Frank's killed.

The Plunderer
The Jester
Jack O'Lantern
That kiddie porn guy from Punisher War Journal 1.
and maybe

Princess Python
and all the others of the Bar Massacre

and that's just off the top of my head.


Jesse said...

captain Punisher????????

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Nice blog. Thats all.