Saturday, January 24, 2009

Holy Shit.

I'm nearing 1000 views! Wow, thats amazing since I never update, which I plan to rectify, which I know I've said a couple times now I know.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Sentry

Yeah. It was released this past monday. We won the $300 LUAA (Laurentian University Alumni Assoc.) Creativity Award. SO yayyyyy us. Really great job done by everyone.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, ok not really.

Just a small post stating that Bridgecrew Films first foray into fanfilmdom "The Sentry" has started production and will be filming over the next couple months and wrapping up by the end of April.

Check back here for photos, storyboards and other information, and the eventual release will be here or at the very least linked to from here.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Greatest Band Ever.

Brand New, end of story.

Real content coming soon, I can guarantee it.*

*not a guarantee.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Duality and The Sentry.

Robert Reynolds. The Sentry. The Void. All of these in one body. Young Robbie Reynolds drank a concentrated form of the Super Soldier serum, gained the power of "a million exploding suns", he became the Sentry, The Golden Guardian of good.

He also became the Void, the darkness in everyones hearts. For all the good he does as the Sentry, the Void comes to balance it out. And this leads to one key point in the Marvel Universe.


For every Captain America, there is a Red Skull, Wolverine has Sabretooth, The X-men has the brotherhood, and Spider-man has Venom. Similar powers with different psyches beneath. Robert Reynolds, as the Sentry was set to be the most powerful person in the Marvel U. He need a counter, an opposite, and there's only one person in the Marvel U with that kind of power.

Robert Reynolds.

Reynolds' mind was split, be it naturally or as suggested the work of a mutant, he became two halves to a whole. A light and a dark. In the first issue of the original mini this duality was hinted at, with Reynold's supposed alcohol problem, and issues with addiction. Reynolds starts as a weak, drunken, overweight, agoraphobic nobody who dreams of being something more. Throughout the mini he becomes the hero he imagines, and then, once the truth of The Void is brought to light, Reynolds does what can be considered the most heroic moment in Marvel History.

He gives it up. Knowing what he was going to be after, he still changes back, to a nobody who dreams of being a hero no one remembers.

But if no one remembers the Sentry, can there still be a Void? Unfortunately, it appears so. On the very first page, Reynolds is awoken, by what he believes is the Void himself, but it is not until Robert drinks the "serum" that the Void is released. This leads me to believe that Robert is always the Void, but the Void can only be free when Robert and everyone else knows who he is. The Void lies deep within him, always on the border of Robert. Without his powers one may believe that the Void may have represented himself as a separate personality inside Reynolds.
House of M 2, which was an alternate reality tale, showed Robert powerless, having never been the Sentry, and still he dreams of the Void, the blackness that overtakes him.

So which is the dominant personality, the Sentry, or the Void. I think that Robert will always BE the Void, only occasionally becoming the Sentry. The Void, who represents the base nature of people, as simplistic, violent, angry creatures, like most other animals, will never go away, just be hidden underneath a golden veneer. Not unlike regular people, we all have a darker, violent, animalistic side, that we hide under socio-cultural themes and customs. The Void, is just these basic emotions, multiplied a million fold.

Best way I can sum it up.

Once more The Sentry, forever more the Void

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The next generation.

Before you ask, no this will not have anything to do with Star Trek. At all.

This is about the next generation of law enforcement. Crime rates pretty much across the board are rising, and law enforcement professionals can't seem to contain it all. Is it their fault? No, the police and security try their best but get trapped under bureaucracy and miles of red tape.

What we need is individuals to "assist" the police. Yes, I mean costumed vigilantes. By empowering the regular people we can show those that would prey on the innocent that we aren't afraid. We could usher in a new era.

Now, I'm sure people are saying, "Well, who will watch the vigilantes," Well, despite the fact that any person working under this act that goes too far will in fact become what they fight, and thus, subject to the same penalties under the law, one can assume that within but a few months the entire body would become self regulating, and a certain level of respect for those at this profession longer then those new to it.

This is a step. Not a solution, problems that arise from this initiative will be small. After all, we are only people. With the advent of super-powers and technology that can fake those powers years off (yeah, yeah I'm working on it) there is little chance of major collateral damage from this. Perhaps some form of licensing system, or a system where those responsible for collateral damage are held accountable.

The new symbol of justice is the mask, not the badge.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Frank Castle. The New America?

What you see here, is the variant cover to Punisher: War Journal #7 due out in a couple months. Upon Steve Rogers' surrender in Civil War 7, Castle picked up the mask, and later Castle saw the Captain's assassination on the TV's in Times Square after being lured out by Bushwhacker and G.W Bridge. (worst name ever btw.), what this has led people to believe and this cover doesn't hurt, is that Frank Castle, is the new Captain America.

What better way could Marvel state their feelings on the changes in America. No longer do they play defense with a shield but rather stay on the offense with a gun. Yeah it may possibly be the single worst costume ever (with the possible exception of Yellow and Red Daredevil, a costume only a blind man could love), but Frank's never been one for style.

Recent events have depicted that Castle has a sincere respect for Rogers, and that his campaign for justice has stepped up a notch. Frank's take on classic Cap enemies will be swift and brutal. Red Skull? shot in the face. Dr. Faustus, stabbed. Crossbones, shot in the crotch with a rocket launcher, seriously, wouldn't be the first time.

RIP Stiltman, You will be missed.
Except by Frank, who shot your nuts with a m72 LAW

Frank doesn't have those same moral scruples that Rogers had. Also as an example, he stabbed an old man. in the back. with an awl. Seriously, right the hell through a seat cushion.

Frank will bring a new speediness to superheroism. No trials, no evidence, just a shot that's luckier then the rest. Just like America.

RIP all those people Frank's killed.

The Plunderer
The Jester
Jack O'Lantern
That kiddie porn guy from Punisher War Journal 1.
and maybe

Princess Python
and all the others of the Bar Massacre

and that's just off the top of my head.