Friday, March 30, 2007

Duality and The Sentry.

Robert Reynolds. The Sentry. The Void. All of these in one body. Young Robbie Reynolds drank a concentrated form of the Super Soldier serum, gained the power of "a million exploding suns", he became the Sentry, The Golden Guardian of good.

He also became the Void, the darkness in everyones hearts. For all the good he does as the Sentry, the Void comes to balance it out. And this leads to one key point in the Marvel Universe.


For every Captain America, there is a Red Skull, Wolverine has Sabretooth, The X-men has the brotherhood, and Spider-man has Venom. Similar powers with different psyches beneath. Robert Reynolds, as the Sentry was set to be the most powerful person in the Marvel U. He need a counter, an opposite, and there's only one person in the Marvel U with that kind of power.

Robert Reynolds.

Reynolds' mind was split, be it naturally or as suggested the work of a mutant, he became two halves to a whole. A light and a dark. In the first issue of the original mini this duality was hinted at, with Reynold's supposed alcohol problem, and issues with addiction. Reynolds starts as a weak, drunken, overweight, agoraphobic nobody who dreams of being something more. Throughout the mini he becomes the hero he imagines, and then, once the truth of The Void is brought to light, Reynolds does what can be considered the most heroic moment in Marvel History.

He gives it up. Knowing what he was going to be after, he still changes back, to a nobody who dreams of being a hero no one remembers.

But if no one remembers the Sentry, can there still be a Void? Unfortunately, it appears so. On the very first page, Reynolds is awoken, by what he believes is the Void himself, but it is not until Robert drinks the "serum" that the Void is released. This leads me to believe that Robert is always the Void, but the Void can only be free when Robert and everyone else knows who he is. The Void lies deep within him, always on the border of Robert. Without his powers one may believe that the Void may have represented himself as a separate personality inside Reynolds.
House of M 2, which was an alternate reality tale, showed Robert powerless, having never been the Sentry, and still he dreams of the Void, the blackness that overtakes him.

So which is the dominant personality, the Sentry, or the Void. I think that Robert will always BE the Void, only occasionally becoming the Sentry. The Void, who represents the base nature of people, as simplistic, violent, angry creatures, like most other animals, will never go away, just be hidden underneath a golden veneer. Not unlike regular people, we all have a darker, violent, animalistic side, that we hide under socio-cultural themes and customs. The Void, is just these basic emotions, multiplied a million fold.

Best way I can sum it up.

Once more The Sentry, forever more the Void

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The next generation.

Before you ask, no this will not have anything to do with Star Trek. At all.

This is about the next generation of law enforcement. Crime rates pretty much across the board are rising, and law enforcement professionals can't seem to contain it all. Is it their fault? No, the police and security try their best but get trapped under bureaucracy and miles of red tape.

What we need is individuals to "assist" the police. Yes, I mean costumed vigilantes. By empowering the regular people we can show those that would prey on the innocent that we aren't afraid. We could usher in a new era.

Now, I'm sure people are saying, "Well, who will watch the vigilantes," Well, despite the fact that any person working under this act that goes too far will in fact become what they fight, and thus, subject to the same penalties under the law, one can assume that within but a few months the entire body would become self regulating, and a certain level of respect for those at this profession longer then those new to it.

This is a step. Not a solution, problems that arise from this initiative will be small. After all, we are only people. With the advent of super-powers and technology that can fake those powers years off (yeah, yeah I'm working on it) there is little chance of major collateral damage from this. Perhaps some form of licensing system, or a system where those responsible for collateral damage are held accountable.

The new symbol of justice is the mask, not the badge.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Frank Castle. The New America?

What you see here, is the variant cover to Punisher: War Journal #7 due out in a couple months. Upon Steve Rogers' surrender in Civil War 7, Castle picked up the mask, and later Castle saw the Captain's assassination on the TV's in Times Square after being lured out by Bushwhacker and G.W Bridge. (worst name ever btw.), what this has led people to believe and this cover doesn't hurt, is that Frank Castle, is the new Captain America.

What better way could Marvel state their feelings on the changes in America. No longer do they play defense with a shield but rather stay on the offense with a gun. Yeah it may possibly be the single worst costume ever (with the possible exception of Yellow and Red Daredevil, a costume only a blind man could love), but Frank's never been one for style.

Recent events have depicted that Castle has a sincere respect for Rogers, and that his campaign for justice has stepped up a notch. Frank's take on classic Cap enemies will be swift and brutal. Red Skull? shot in the face. Dr. Faustus, stabbed. Crossbones, shot in the crotch with a rocket launcher, seriously, wouldn't be the first time.

RIP Stiltman, You will be missed.
Except by Frank, who shot your nuts with a m72 LAW

Frank doesn't have those same moral scruples that Rogers had. Also as an example, he stabbed an old man. in the back. with an awl. Seriously, right the hell through a seat cushion.

Frank will bring a new speediness to superheroism. No trials, no evidence, just a shot that's luckier then the rest. Just like America.

RIP all those people Frank's killed.

The Plunderer
The Jester
Jack O'Lantern
That kiddie porn guy from Punisher War Journal 1.
and maybe

Princess Python
and all the others of the Bar Massacre

and that's just off the top of my head.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Punisher. By Bret Easton Ellis.

As I sat in the stench ridden alley, I saw my target moving towards me. Sure, he was a low level mafia enforcer, but when one has a desire to cleanse the streets of the criminal element, you can't be picky. He shuffling left and right bumping into everything around. Sad, pathetic...I am doing this guy a favour by capping him. He's not alone though, behind him struts a gorgeous hardbody, with fake blonde hair and the tits to match. She's saying something I can't quite make out, and I see the big oaf turn and feed her a slap, right to left across her pretty face. In another time, in another place, I'd have my way with her in this dank alley. But that's not the prey I'm looking for tonight.

After she picks herself up and dusts herself off, and walks out of the alley trying to keep what little dignity she has, the fat slob continues my way. Nice suit, Armani double breasted, tailored to his body exactly, makes him look almost respectable if it wasn't for the slicked back greased up guido haircut and cheap bargain store shirt he's wearing underneath. Shoes are Armani to match and big guy's sporting a rolex on his right wrist. Idiots humming some shitty tune from the 70's. If it was quieter I'd be able to figure out what it is, but the bustle of the street covers his tunes. Good. They'll cover my tracks too.

Guy's name is Roberto Ugionne, low level guy. Makes his money and a fair chunk of it too. Last guy I has a "chat" with said Berto was shaving money off the top for himself. Like I care, but he also let loose the little fact that Berto had a "special" attraction. To children. This man disgusts me, and he makes me glad that I wear thick leather gloves for this work. Few feet now.
I tighten my boots, pull my gloves on tight, and stand before him.

He sees the skull first. They always do. He knows what it means. Hate to say it but I'm becoming something of a legend around these parts. Wiseguys know not to hang around this neighbourhood, and the guys they throw me know that they shouldn't talk. But they do.

They always do. However, they also think that by talking, and telling me what I want to hear, I'll go easy on them. This, is not true. People believe that all I do is punish, take lives for lives. If you'd seen me work, you'd know that their death is a release. Certain members of the criminal element receive more punishment then others. My record so far was a woman beating, drunk who left two children without a person in the world. He took two days to finish off. By the time he was done you couldn't recognize him at all. I left him on the steps of a club run by those guido fucks. Never saw anything in the newspaper, but I rarely do. Reporters know not to bother me, and Cops know I'm necessary, so they look the other way. The only people who take real notice are my next targets, and I'm glad they know. Makes this moment all the more sweeter.

Berto reaches for his gun, but I'm in his face first. I take my bowie knife and stick it into his hand and through to his hip. He feels it. I see the look in his eyes, he's gone from big bad mafia boy to whimpering baby in ten seconds. Pity. I like it when they fight back. He passes out from the pain coupled with the alcohol in his system already. Good. Makes moving him easier.

He wakes up several hours later in a warehouse I've had staked out for weeks. He's not my first guest here and he won't be the last. I like it here, it's big, and theres always machinery going in the neighbouring buildings so no one hears me work. His left arm in cuffed to a pipe and his right remains skewered on his hip. I cauterized the would a bit while he was out as to prevent him from bleeding to death and taking the easy way out. He's gonna feel this. He looks me in the eye and tries speak but I've got his mouth gagged. I'm a few feet away from him now smoking a nice fat cigar he had in his coat. Tastes good, haven't had a decent one in years. I stand up and pull the gag down for a second making him promise he won't scream.

"I have a question for you, and you better give me a straight answer. You do, and this may just go easier for you."

He looks at me with tear filled eyes and nods. "Anything, anything you want..."

I walk up to him and crouch down, meeting his eye level. "Where...oh where, did you get this cigar. Seriously, it's fantastic."

He looks at me, confused, crying, but silent. "No answer?"

"Please...Castle, I know who you are, and what you do....please...." He's full out bawling now. Dammit. I thought he'd be tougher then this. "Please...just don't kill me...just let me go"

"Bert, old chap, you say you know who I am, yet you want me to release you?"


"Well...BERT" I get right into his face. "I just don't see that happening." I put the cigar out in his right eye and he screams. I leave it there and stand back up. "C'mon now, We had a deal, I pull down the gag and you wouldn't scream. You help me, I help you, it's simple really." More screams. "Listen Bert. I let you talk because I thought you had something to offer me, but if you're just going to sit there crying and screaming for mommy, then I don't think you can help me. In fact, I don't think we have anything in common at all. You need to be quiet now. You keep screaming and I'll find something to use to keep you quiet." Still screams. "Alright, you forced me to do this..." I take another knife and cut off his privates and shove them in his mouth, then put the gag back up over his mouth. "Taste that... just like you made those kids...feel their's your day of judgement today, repent, and you just may be okay...."

He looks at me through a tear filled eye and tries to sound out something of an apology, but through his own flesh and the gag I can't make out a word. Doesn't matter. This man is dead, he just doesn't know that yet. "Bert, you really are a dumb fuck, aren't you....there's no escape now, no easy way out. This is just the beginning."

I walk back to a tool closet I have set there and pull out my nail gun. I hook it up to the compressor and walk towards Bertie, sitting now in steadily expanding pool of his own blood.

"Tell me Bert....Do you like Phil Collins?"

I'm glad I have a tape set up for Maury tomorrow.

Inspired by Palette.

Recently, Pallete (on the right), has been doing comics as if they were written by different stylistic authors. So here is my tasteless contribution.

DareDevil by Helen Keller.

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fgsfdgsgfsfggghaerqer w
gffsdgstgt fuck ben affleck, seriously. dsfs gdvgfsdrfsdgfscf gfr
sfafsdf scardf
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And for the Record. Affleck was the bomb in phantoms yo.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Follow Up

Now after yesterday's post, and my discussion of it in other avenues, some people were surprised about how much I cared about Captain America dying, after all,

a) He's a fictional Character.
b) I'm not American.

But it's not the person that was mourned, but rather what Steve Rogers represented. Captain America represents the entire hero complex that exists in today's world. Superman may predate Cap by a few years, but Superman was an alien, sent here from a distant planet. Cap was a man, not unlike us who volunteered to spend the rest of his life as a symbol. Cap represented a time when there was good guys and bad guys, no grey areas. We were good and the Axis were evil. Simple.

Captain America was created in 1941 and was immediately thrust into World War II. He fought the Axis forces before America itself did. He ran into Europe, while wearing a flag.
I personally believe that had it not been for Cap, the superhero genre would be nowhere close to what it is today, if it even existed.

Cap was the first real everyman hero. He was an Army washout given a chance to make something of himself. He fought for 60 years for freedom, in a world where his version of freedom no longer existed. He fought for what America held up as ideals, even against his own government if need be.

America has recently gone through major changes itself. As much as I hate to say this cliché but since 9/11, America is a different country. Not because of "new threats" or a "growing danger", but because America can't sit on this pedestal that they've been on for 200 years. They finally have to admit, that they are just another country.....but they haven't. They've gone so far from the original ideals of their country to this new America, a scared America. By committing these terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda (or whoever you want to believe did it), actually has succeeded in creating fear in America, and every time the US goes to Terror Alert Orange or Red, they win just a little bit more. You want to show the terrorists that you can't break America? Don't lash out like a child afterwards. The follow up after 9/11 was handled surprisingly well, President Bush's people did the investigation, and attacked the country holding those responsible. Afghanistan....and we went for it, and it went as well as could be expected. Iraq on the other hand buggered everything up, and thats a topic for a different day. The fact is America now runs off of fear, and restricting freedoms goes against everything that Captain America stood for.

Marvel's recent Civil War mini was an allegory for 9/11, except replace terrorists with superhumans. The government lashed out, and pulled in the reins on all people that were so inclined in that manner. Rogers represented the old America, and Stark, the new. Rogers' eventually surrendered, knowing that even if he wins the fight.....they lost the argument. The way that America is moving, Rogers' old, flag waving, punch the bad guys patriotism, just won't fly anymore. It was a new world, and he didn't fit anymore.

Other people I've spoken to pointed out that Rogers' was one of their favorite characters, and that they were not happy with what happened. We weren't supposed to be happy, this is not a happy event. Readers should feel sad and angry, not happy. This is not a happy time.

Captain America was the first, the toughest, and the best.
However, he represented the old America.
Now he, like the old America is gone.

So all I have to say to close is...
Thumbs Up, Soldier!

RIP Steve Rogers

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This Just in.

With a heavy heart, I regret to inform you, Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America. Is dead.

RIP Cap.