Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yeah, blogspot decided to lose my account so I hadta redo it all....bastards.

As I sit here in environmental biology and my prof talks about the war in vietnam I can't help but think two things.

a) what the fizzuck does the vietnam war have to do with biology.

b) books are such a waste of time

ok...that had nothing to do with anything.

Books…..seriously…who the fuck needs them? In a constantly changing and updating world nothing is more useless then a stack of papers wrapped in cardboard. When information travels at the speed of thought books become obsolete before they can even be printed. Now you may be asking why write a chapter…in a book…about how much books suck…well because that’s how I roll. I do things differently then others and I felt there was no better way to demean a form of media, then to publish a piece of that media that completely destroys it.

Now in the 1500’s books may of worked because people were stupid and liked doing things like reading. That shit don’t fly. Books involve time…and patience…and imagination, things that television, the internet, and ninjas have all long since destroyed. Yes you heard me right….ninjas. Ninjas are well known for their abilities to kill anything, even abstract concepts as love, hatred, and imagination. Also ninjas have been secretly placed in EVERY major event in recent history. JFK? Ninjas. Fall of the Berlin Wall? Ninjas. The end of World War II? Ninjas….and Captain America (of course).

So you may ask? What do ninjas, and books have to do with each other. And the honest truth is…..nothing, really. But you may ALSO ask…what DON’T ninjas and books have in common, and that answer is also nothing, but don’t ask me to explain that, because I won’t, because I can’t. But I DO know one thing…if it came down to a fight, between ninjas and books…ninja’s win hand down. It’s barely a contest.

Now I thought about writing a book and discovered it was a lot of work. Now thats just writing, not doing any research as evidenced above. I felt (and still do) that research only gets in the way of saying what I wanted to say, because, theres no actual fact to it.

To quote Stephen Colbert, "Facts just get in the way of the truth" and as this blog goes on in time, you'll find Colbert's influence all over it. I'm a firm believer in truthiness, and in wikiality. After all whats more true then what we (as a whole) believe is true. Why let some "book" written by some "guy" tell you whats real, is reality not what we make of it?

So thats the first entry, I plan on somehow getting videos done in the future for some posts and I talk better then I write.

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